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Lou Kerner calls Crypto the 'biggest thing since mankind." 

Nouriel Roubini calls it the "biggest bubble in history."

Kind of hard to take back those statements! Neither said "one of the biggest." 

RNDL is a slang term and Internet meme that is used in the Bitcoin community when referring to running from, i.e. selling the cryptocurrency rather than holding HODL it.

It originated in a bar conveniently located in the North lobby of the Historic Chicago Board of Trade Building called Ceres Cafe in January 2018 by an apparently inebriated floor trader who yelled out, "I AM RNDLING. Cere's in known for the manliest sized drinks in all of Chicago - a quaint drinking town.

The Internet Stock Review listed it as one of the essential slang terms in Bitcoin culture, and described it as a stance, "to run as far and fast as you can" until a floor begins to develop. 

It noted if the correction develops into a crash, like Amazon common stock did in 2001 where it fell from $107 to $5.37 wiping out 10's of thousand of first time investors - it may result in investors stuck to the sidelines if and when Bitcoin recovers. And no one wants that.

Amazon later recovered to the old high (10 years later) and then ran to $1500 a share - but few of the 'early' investors stuck around after the plunge to participate, creating a double whammy of depression.  

Imagine buying $100,000 worth of Amazon and tossing in the towel at $5,000 (nobody thought it was possible) and then watching it grow to $1.5 million. That's a 15 fold increase from the peak and 300 fold increase from the correction bottom. EPIC.

Our goal, should we decide to accept it, is to try to find a (not the) bottom. 

For now we'll just re-post opinions from both HOLD'rs and RNDL'rs in our weekend newsletter. 


Hmm. Buy the dips? That strategy didn't work so well for Amazon traders after it's initial runup.


Hmm. Might be a good time to see if things settle down before buying the dip this time. 

RNDL and HODL Videos

Oh boy, Nouriel Roubini says RUN FOR DEAR LIFE! 

We'll split the section into two in the future, with the Bull case on the left and the Bear case on the right. For "fair and balanced" re-reporting.

Guess the price of this lambo in bitcoin !

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We do not endorse the advice of any commentators which we link to. This is the wild, wild West where the Pioneers take the arrows and the Settlers take the land. We hope to some day be settlers. We've seen this movie before.

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